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The Contrast of Leaving Who You Were

“2016 into 2017 was truly a transformative time for us all, as Americans, as humans, and myself as an almost married man, to now a single free agent of Love. I can go wherever I want to go, I can evolve into the me that my soul is yearning to bring to surface–and I wish the same for you. So this Valentine’s Day I assembled a groovy and eclectic playlist that inspires an entire lifetime. As long as you believe in YOU first. I hope this playlist helps you vibrate so high, and that the toxicity of those vices or people you’ve left behind, any thoughts that would paralyze, and any presence of self doubt or shame vanish. And that all bad vibes fall back, hard. Trust and believe past bug-a-boos won’t even know how to approach you. After you flow, meditate, dance, or run to this playlist. Here’s a shout-out to my sisters in flow, tanya-b and Anna. #TheRoarriorTribe “

Leo Rising

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