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ellie doing crow

Talk to the HANDstand

Handstand, more than any other pose, is like the unicorn in people’s practice, it seems. (Most) everyone wants to be able to do handstand but it can take a lot of time to learn how to execute it. It’s so hard not to get frustrated by this pose and allow feelings of self doubt to creep in. When you eventually do “get” this pose, it’s awesome sauce for about 3 minutes then it’s like, “what’s next?” only to realize it’s all about getting there–the journey, rather than the pose itself. Handstand is a fantastic teaching tool on every level. Physically it creates strength and balance. Mentally it requires focus and determination. Emotionally it keeps you humble and honest with yourself. It also challenges you to trust your body and believe in yourself. I selected a few familiar classic rock songs for fun (these usually consist of classic rock songs–Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Beach Boys, etc. but every now and then you’ll catch Dr. Dre or something!) I love mixing it up and creating a unique blend of music that supports a strong, playful, and ultimately relaxing vinyasa practice.

Ellie Bernstein

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