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You Know Girl

“Music has always been such an important part of my yoga practice and teaching. I love all kinds of music from classical and rock to devotional and rap. I spend a lot of time making playlists because I believe that arranging the songs just right can add an element of unexpected intrigue to the class. The music magnifies how we never know what is coming next and it allows us to learn on the mat and off to “be with what is” Whether it’s Krishna Das or Meek Mill, never let the music fool you because if you are focusing on your breath and in the moment then you have truly found mediation in motion.”

Jackie Simon

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At tanya-b, we are passionate about music and how it transforms us on every level. From Hong Kong to New York, our global community has come together to curate some of the most epic playlists for both on and off the mat. Shop while you listen to playlists uploaded every week. Enjoy the vibrations!