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Yoga Like You

“Lately, I’ve been inspired by what it means to “move like you.” Often we take classes in the world of physical fitness and are told exactly how to move, precision in body placement, and accuracy in transition, but is that really how we move as individuals? Yoga opens so many passageways and we get to choose which to explore! My playlists are usually constructed while running around the, already highly energetic, city and cruising to the east end in my jeep. The way the music makes me move, both internally and externally, is how a song lands on my playlist. I love country music “sneak attacks” because they take me home and it’s always fun to mash up the classics with brand new beats that just feel good. As I encourage everyone to “be present,” I now urge the way you move to be uniquely yours; the next time THAT song plays – Jam! .”

Lauren Musselman

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