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Summertime Fun

I can remember the first time I ever put a playlist together and had the courage to play it in class. It was my Friday hot power lunch hour class at PURE Yoga in Hong Kong, and it totally changed the vibe. Music is a powerful source of creating and directing the energy of class. I create my playlists to have the same tonality as the arc of a yoga class: mellow at the beginning for the warm up, energizing in the middle for sun salutations, standing poses and backbends, then more soulful and sedating towards the end for deep hip openers and forward folds to prepare for Savasana. Music creates a mood, an energy that inspires and touches the heart and soul of the students. I love the point in class when everything starts to synergize: the music, the breath, the heartbeat, and the movement. Using music in class has been a part of the evolution of modern yoga… I am proud to be part of this evolution and revolution.

Kay Kay Clivio

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